Impact Study Results

January 2023

‘Statistically strong correlation between time spent on GCSE Prepper and GCSEs results.’

12 months ago, we embarked on a 2-year impact study, with some of the UK’s leading academic experts in ‘enhancing student learning in educational settings.’ The preliminary findings are extremely promising; indicating a statistically strong, positive correlation between time spent on the GCSE Prepper and performance in last summer’s GCSEs – even after adjusting for previous academic performance. The effect was consistent across Higher and Foundation students, for both genders, regardless of whether they qualify for pupil premium. Click to access the presentation given at the 2023 British Journal of Educational Psychology conference.

Which learning experts are running the impact study?

The project is a critical element of a £0.55 million project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), to ‘investigate successive relearning (SR) as a means to enhance student learning outcomes and well-being in educational environments.’

They’re happy to work with GCSE Prepper because it combines the principles of successive relearning with the broad range of question styles and detailed, tailored feedback that are critical to the optimal learning strategy. In return, we get independent verification of the impact that GCSE Prepper can have on student outcomes.

We are working with some of the world’s leading academic experts in learning. They are in senior positions in some of the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Dr Phil Higham

Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Southampton.

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Dr Julie Hadwin

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Education Department at the University of Birmingham

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Dr Rosalind Potts

Associate Professor of Language & Cognition at UCL

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Dr Greta Fastrich

Research Fellow at the University of Southampton

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Aleksandra Krogulska

PhD student at the University of Warwick

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‘Statistically strong correlation between time spent on GCSE Prepper and GCSEs results.’

What is GCSE Prepper?

GCSE Prepper is a unique online learning platform which uses scientifically-proven learning strategies for GCSE science students. It uses successive relearning and a consistent test format (questions that are similar to the ones they will face in their final exam). GCSE Prepper is unique in offering both elements of the optimal learning strategy, alongside providing students with detailed, tailored feedback; a solution that maximises the impact of any student effort.

Teachers benefit from a significantly reduced workload as marking is eliminated and there is a dramatic reduction in time spent setting homework. They can also access intuitive reports to aid with improving student motivation and lesson planning.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about successive relearning and the research that suggests that it ‘significantly increases both the amount of information that students remember and its durability.’

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