Do you want your kids to get the results they need in their GCSEs?  

While we all know that GCSEs are important, we also know that most kids have a myriad of things they’d rather do than revise. That’s why it’s important that the time they DO spend is as productive as possible. 

GCSEPrepper employs the revision techniques that science has categorically proven to be most effective and deploys them via the technology that the current generation of students has grown up with and prefers.

Everything required to maximise your kids’ return from every second they spend revising

GCSEPrepper uses the latest technology and scientifically-proven revision techniques.

Let’s face it, there’s likely to be a limit to how much time they are going to want to spend revising. Make sure that the time they do spend is as productive as possible.  

Make sure they use GCSEPrepper & spread their revision out as much as possible. You can thank us later.

A comprehensive bank of tailored questions

Completely bespoke to each exam board AND to each subject. We cover 100% of each specification and NOTHING more. 

Full bank of specimen / past papers

Organised according to the topic that is being tested; replicating the mark schemes published by each Exam Board.

Organised to match each Board's structure

Making it quick and easy for students to test themselves on specific parts of the curriculum.

Intuitive reporting

Helping you and your kids identify the gaps in their knowledge so that they can focus revision effort in the most productive areas.

Instant, high quality feedback for every answer entered

It’s like having an expert tutor sat beside them as they revise.

Wide range of Boards/ Subjects covered

Covering all science specifications for AQA, Edexcel (iGCSE and GCSE) and Cambridge (iGCSE).

Scientifically proven revison techniques 

A massive amount of scientific research has been spent investigating which revision techniques deliver the best return on effort expended. Two clear winners have emerged:

  1. Test yourself.
  2. Spread your revision out (AKA distributed practise).

GCSEPrepper was designed to enable students to test themselves as effectively and efficiently as possible to maximise the return they receive from every minute of revision. Click here to find out more.

GCSE Courses Covered 

GCSE Prepper develops content that is specific to every Exam Board and subject covered.

So far we have developed bespoke content for the subjects and the exam boards displayed to the right. This list will continue to grow, but please contact us using the ‘Get in Touch’ button below if there is a specific subject for a specific exam board that you’d like to see.


 Chemistry                                   Physics                                     Combined Science                 Computer Science                     Physical Education               

Edexel GCSE


Cambridge iGCSE

Chemistry                                    Physics

Edexcel iGCSE

Science – Physics
Science – Chemistry
Science – Biology

‘Statistically strong correlation between time spent on GCSE Prepper and GCSEs results.’

Jan 2023: Preliminary Impact Study Results are in from our Academic partners.
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