Better exam results with less work

GCSE Prepper offers students the learning experience that decades of scientific research have shown to be most effective: answering the kind of questions they will face in their exams and receiving the level of feedback that teachers would give if they had unlimited time. The great news is that GCSE Prepper does all the hard work, so teachers can escape marking completely. 

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How can GCSEPrepper help schools?

GCSEPrepper is designed to help students and teachers get the maximum possible return from all of their combined hard work.

Set homework / revision tasks in seconds

Use our flexible, intuitive wizard to create homework tasks, tailored to the specific needs of your class, in less than a minute.

Eliminate repetitive marking admin

Teachers can refocus their efforts into higher value, less mundane activities in full confidence that GCSE Prepper will deliver high quality feedback, tailored to students’ answers. 

Increase visibility of pupils’ progress

Our intuitive reporting suite provides an accurate, timely assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of every pupil / class.

Improve insight into pupils’ effort outside the classroom

Our reports show how much effort students put into their extracurricular learning activities and gives teachers the tools to demonstrate the relationship between effort and attainment. 

Engage parents with high quality interactions

Objective data available on the levels of  performance and effort of every student is available at the click of a button.

Maximise benefits from investment in CPD

Gain valuable insights into the relative effectiveness of teachers across the different areas of the curriculum; in order to help identify and spread best practice.

‘Statistically strong correlation between time spent on GCSE Prepper and GCSEs results.’

Jan 2023: Preliminary Impact Study Results are in from our Academic partners.
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