Scientifically-proven learning strategies for GCSE science students

There is now a growing consensus amongst experts that successive relearning is the most effective strategy for building durable learning; particularly if students practise using a consistent test format (questions that are similar to the ones they will face in their final exam).

GCSE Prepper is unique in offering both elements of the optimal learning strategy, alongside providing students with detailed, tailored feedback; a solution that maximises the impact of any student effort.

Teachers benefit from a significantly reduced workload as marking is eliminated and there is a dramatic reduction in time spent setting homework. They can also access intuitive reports to aid with improving student motivation and lesson planning.

Maximise the return from revision time

GCSEPrepper helps students employ the revision techniques that scientists have proven to be the most effective.

If you’d like to find out more about how GCSEPrepper can help you to get the absolute most out of every minute that you, your students or your children spend revising, then please get in touch.

Comprehensive set of tailored questions

GCSEPrepper-commissioned questions; specific to each subject & Exam Board; covering 100% of the specification of each specific Board / subject and NOTHING more.

Instant, tailored, high quality feedback

Intelligent marking algorithm that provides high quality, timely feedback – specific to the answer entered by the student.

Intuitive, insightful reporting

Powerful, intuitive reporting tool that provides everything teachers need to monitor, and motivate, students; plus class strengths and weaknesses that can be used to guide lesson planning.

Structured to match specification

Massive question bank of relevant questions organised according to the structure used by the specific Exam Board for the specific subject and qualification.

GCSE exam-style questions

Replicating all the question styles that students will face in their GCSE (up to, and including, 6-markers); with marking that mirrors that of the exam boards.

Wide range of Boards/ Subjects covered

Covering physics, chemistry and biology for AQA and Edexcel; and Physical Education (PE) and Computer Science for AQA.

Scientifically proven revision techniques 

Decades of robust peer-reviewed scientific research have shown that retrieval practice (answering questions) is the best method of building durable learning. The effect is enhanced if students receive corrective feedback after each attempt and if they repeat questions that they answer incorrectly until their final attempt in a session is correct. This optimal learning strategy is called successive relearning.

It’s most effective when students practise on questions that require more effort; i.e. spaced practise (with gaps between attempts), interleaved practise (where you jump between topics) and free recall questions (where students answer without visual cues; i.e. free recall rather than multiple choice).  Finally, the effect is magnified if students practise with question types that are similar to the ones they will face in their final exam.

GCSE Prepper is unique in enabling students to use the optimal learning strategy on the full range of question styles they will face in their final exams. It also provides detailed, tailored, corrective feedback after every answer.


GCSEPrepper – great for students, teachers, headteachers and parents!

More effective revision leads to a better understanding of the subject and BETTER GRADES; the main goal of all interested parties.

Teachers also get to reduce the time they have to spend on repetitive marking tasks; the kind of tasks that computers love. This time can be redeployed more usefully analysing GCSE Prepper reports; for example:

  • Scatter graphs of performance vs effort can be used to help students understand the relationship between the two – in order to improve student motivation
  • Aggregated class performance reports that highlights collective strengths and weaknesses as input to lesson planning

Everybody benefits from the increased visibility on progress – so that any interventions can be early and focused.

Set homework in seconds with our intuitive test-setting wizard 

Questions are organised in accordance with the structure of each Exam Board and subject; making it quick and easy to set tasks for each class (or stream within a class).

They can even be scheduled in advance so that you can plan weeks ahead if you like to work this way.

You’ll also receive clear information on how long students spent on the assignment, how long they spent reviewing their feedback after it was marked, and whether there were particular questions that the class found particularly difficult.

Better feedback for students / less time spent marking for teachers

GCSE Prepper’s mix of technology and subject experts takes care of the marking.

This leaves teachers free to concentrate on the more enjoyable and value-added activities that attracted them to teaching in the first place.

Our reports are intuitive and insightful; providing everything you need to focus your efforts, and those of your students, in the areas where they are likely to deliver the best return.

Courses Covered 

GCSE Prepper develops content that is specific to every Exam Board and subject covered.

So far we have developed bespoke content for the Subjects / Boards displayed to the right. This list will continue to grow, but please contact us using the ‘Get in Touch’ button below if there is a specific subject for a specific Exam Board that you’d like to see.


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